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Researcher's Toolkit

The Statistical Toolkit consists of two parts: the information of the Health Sciences Methodology Seminar Series and the introduction to commonly encountered statistical terms. The Health Sciences Methodology Seminar Series page will include the schedule of the seminars and the slides of given presentations (if available). A brief introduction of the speakers’ background and research interest will also be provided. The Statistical Methodology page will be listed by topics. Under each topic there will be brief introduction, references, and examples if available.

The purpose of this toolkit is to help researchers clarify the meaning of some statistical terms that have been used commonly but not accurately and provide resources for those who want to acquire advanced knowledge about statistical analyses. For researchers who perform data analyses themselves, we will try to provide as many as possible the examples of syntax of commonly used statistical software. For researchers who require assistance in analysis, we hope that the information provided in the toolkit will be helpful for understanding and interpreting the analysis results. It is also our goal to help researchers prepare the information and questions when they come to discuss the analytic plans with their statisticians.

Health Services Methodology Seminar Schedule

Health Sciences Methodology Seminar Series


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