Dr. Trupin

Eric Trupin, PhD
Division Head

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Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy

The Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy works closely with Federal, State and Local service systems and organizations to promote evidence-based practices or other promising practices to the unique culture of their communities and organizations, while maintaining fidelity to the model or innovation.

PBHJP has four areas of emphasis for potential research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance, with a special emphasis on evidence-based mental health services: Training
We emphasize that initial training in effective interventions needs to be supported by ongoing organizational support, consultation, and/or supervision. In order for a program to retain adherence and fidelity to effective models, a quality assurance strategy needs to support continuous practice improvement. Training must be grounded in strong adult-learning principles, reinforced daily and supported by effective supervision and management. Our training supports organizational self-sufficiency.

Evaluation and Research
Our evaluation services provide support for implementation fidelity and outcomes. We help service systems and organizations evaluate the implementation and effectiveness, and outcomes of evidence-based practices and other innovations.

Personalized Approach
We strive to understand the uniqueness of each agency or organization and work collaboratively to provide consultation services that align with core values, mission, and vision.

The Division includes two important Institutes:

The Evidence Based Practice Institute (EBPI) serves as a resource for state entities in identification, evaluation, and partnering with various communities (e.g. families, providers) on evidence based practices and offers provider training and consultation on the implementation of EBPs in communities, as well as the promotion of evidence based or promising practices.

Washington Institute for Mental Health Research and Training (WIMHRT)
WIMHRT is a research and training consortium established in 1989 by the Washington State Legislature and affiliated with the University of Washington and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services. Since its inception, WIMHRT has provided an independent source of professional training and applied research and evaluation in the fields of mental health and substance abuse within Washington State. Our training and research office is located on the campus of Western State Hospital in Tacoma, WA (Lakewood), with our administrative headquarters located in Seattle, WA at the Division of Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy at the University of Washington.

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