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Using Telehealth to Enhance Rural Primary Care Access to Mental Health and Opioid/Pain Management Consultations

Help address critical shortages in mental health care and pain management in rural and underserved sites in Washington! For more information, contact Andrea Panniero by email or phone 206-685-5657.

Background Rural communities are severely disadvantaged by limited access to psychiatric specialists, leading to under-treatment, higher rates of suicide, increased use of emergency services, and hospitalizations.

In Washington, escalating prescription opioid use and abuse have emerged as major public health problems, resulting in more deaths related to opioid misuse than to traffic fatalities (2007), and a ten-fold increase in drug abuse treatment admissions for opioids.

Studies show that telehealth offers positive outcomes and high satisfaction for patients, PCPs, and specialist consultants. Telehealth provides access to specialty care, support for local PCPs, and allows patients to stay local for health care.

Project Description Support and collaborate with rural healthcare providers using telehealth-based specialty consultations and provider/patient education for patients with common mental disorders or opioid abuse. Services include: This project is funded by the HRSA Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) Telehealth Network Grant Program (TNGP), which is a competitive grant program that funds projects that demonstrate the use of telehealth networks to improve healthcare services for medically underserved populations in urban, rural, and frontier communities.

Project Goals

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