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Public Behavioral Health and Justice Policy Division Staff

Michael S. Bankhead Research Study Assistant
Jonathan Beard LICSW, CPRPContinuing Education Specialist 3
Kristin R. Bennett Mental Health Pract Clinical Specialist
Shannon Blajeski MSWContinuing Education Specialist 4
Sashya S. Clark Mental Health Pract Clinical Specialist
Christian L Dawson Ripley Budget/fiscal Analyst Lead
Richard Dempsey Research Study Coordinator 1
Amy Duong-Dao Analyst
Lori J. Ferro Manager Of Program Operations
Rosemary A Flannery Research Study Assistant
Merry I. Glaissia Research Study Assistant
Diane P. Harrison Program Support Supervisor I
Leonard Irving Mental Health Practitioner Lead
Jeneil M. Lagasse Administrator
Semret N. Nicodimos FDA-SEUI Project
Marcy L. Pareira Mental Health Practitioner Lead
Katrina M. Peterson Research Study Assistant
Jean A. Reeves Budget/fiscal Analyst Lead
Javier L. Rizo Research Study Coordinator 1
April Sather Research Coordinator
Margaret A. Smith Research Study Assistant
Joyce L. Stephens Research Study Assistant
Greg Terry Mental Health Pract Clinical Specialist
Rebecca E. Warner Research Study Assistant
Julie M. Wood Research Study Assistant

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